Immediate boarding for the Marne in a river ode to the taverns of yesteryear

Guinguettes en chansons

With the return of sunny days, the banks of the Marne, from Nogent-sur-Marne to Joinville-le-Pont, find the excitement of the taverns, emblematic places of conviviality and joie de vivre.

This unique cruise will bring to life the golden age of taverns, from the Belle Époque to the present day, through historical anecdotes and lively musical performances., performing hits such as “Ah! The little white wine”, “When we walk by the water”, “Blue java", And "To Joinville-le-Pont”.

After having won hearts in Montmartre with her captivating visits in song, Anne-Sophie Guerrier sets off to attack the banks of the Marne. Sailing past legendary places like the Chez Gégène tavern, and others that have now disappeared such as Chez Jullien or the Casino du Viaduc, this cruise is a window into the past.

“When you walk by the water, how beautiful everything is! What a renewal! Paris in the distance seems like a prison. Our hearts are full of songs.”

Promising an immersion in a historic and festive Paris, these taverns offer a perfect getaway for anyone looking to rediscover the joyful tradition of taverns in the company of two passionate musicians.

A musical cruise on the Marne

The taverns, symbols of joy and freedom, have long lined the Marne, welcoming painters, singers and poets who have left their mark on French cultural history.

Inspired by the history of taverns, from their origins in Montmartre to their growth along the Marne, Anne-Sophie created “Guinguettes en songs”. Her performance during the Grand Concours des Régions on France 3, with “C’est la guinguette” by Damia, accompanied by her Montmartre troupe, marked the beginning of this musical and historical adventure.

“Guinguettes en songs”, an initiative of the Val de Marne Tourist Office and hosted by Anne-Sophie Guerrier, celebrates this bygone era with refreshing dynamism. Participants will be transported back in time, with live performances by Anne-Sophie and her accordionist who revisit the hits of taverns with Maurice Chevalier, Jean Gabin, Bourvil, Charles Trenet, Lucienne Delyle, Damia, Fréhel and other legends.

Guinguettes en chansons


  • Dates and Times: June 30 at 2 p.m., September 28 at 4 p.m.;
  • Prices: Adults at €20, young people under 12 at €15 and free for under 4s;
  • Meeting point: Port of Nogent-sur-Marne. 
  • Reservation required on Explore Paris
  • Duration: Each cruise lasts approximately 1h30.
Cap sur la marne

Collaborations and Support

The project benefits from the support of Cap sur la Marne, a collective initiative including Val-de-Marne Tourisme & Loisirs, Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme, and various tourist offices, which aims to promote cultural activities along the Marne . 

This collaboration enriches the “Guinguettes en songs” project by offering a festive and historically rich setting, ideal for these musical cruises.

The cruises take place aboard the Francilien, a boat designed specifically for excursions on the Marne, offering a covered room with panoramic views and a terrace at the bow for spectators.

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