An unforgettable concert with the Clermont-Ferrand Harmony Orchestra

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:32 Sous le ciel de Paris
00:06:29 Elle fréquentait la rue Pigalle
00:12:23 La vie en rose
00:16:24 Mea Culpa
00:20:05 C’est d’la faute à tes yeux
00:23:48 La foule
00:27:46 Il a dit
00:32:31 De l’autre côté d’la rue
00:36:56 La belle histoire d’amour
00:42:01 Padam padam
00:46:11 Je t’ai dans la peau
00:50:17 L’hymne à l’amour
01:00:56 Bis La valse de l’amour
01:08:35 Ter La valse de l’amour

Affiche Anne-Sophie Guerrier qui chante le paris de Piaf avec l'orchestre d'harmonie de Clermont-Ferrand

The Clermont-Ferrand Harmony Orchestra and Anne-Sophie Guerrier paid tribute to Edith Piaf during an exceptional, sold-out concert!

It was in the Paris of the 1950s that the Clermont-Ferrand Harmony Orchestra took the 1,400 people present to the Maison de la Culture de Clermont-Ferrand on Sunday February 18, 2024.

The Montmartre singer Anne-Sophie Guerrier lent her voice to Édith Piaf, in her songs, from the most famous to the lesser known.

Served by new and original orchestrations produced by the conductor, Guillaume Cardot, the words of this artist, whose sixtieth anniversary of death we celebrated this year, took the audience on a journey into a universe of a thousand emotions.

Paris, love, the passing of time... so many timeless subjects which have been set to music and which Piaf has sublimated for more than three decades.

Will you let yourself be carried away by the host of feelings that marked the life of “la Môme”? That’s Piaf’s whole gamble!

A project that was born in the streets of Montmartre

At Pentecost 2022... a tour of Montmartre in songs was organized with the Royat Harmony Orchestra, made up of 50 musicians. Among the musicians, the conductor of theHarmony Orchestra of Clermont-Ferrand, Guillaume Cardot, proposed to Anne-Sophie the idea of organizing a concert on the theme of Paris and Montmartre in Clermont-Ferrand with the city orchestra.
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